'Exaggerated Realities'

An exhibition of work by Marion Chombart de Lauwe
Marion Chombard de Lauwe's image

From Tuesday 28th August - Sunday 9th September 2012

Signal Arts Centre is proud to present a solo exhibition of works by French artist Marion Chombart de Lauwe. A former anthropology student who later spent months sketching the treasures on display at the Natural History Museum in Toulouse, Chombart de Lauwe now turns this detail and observation into a new series of line drawings depicting urban landscapes in demolition, recently called "A work of dissection, worthy of entomology plates," by L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui Magazine.

For this exhibition Marion explores a sense of spontaneity in drawing. Her biological depictions of urban landscapes are presented in stark contrast alongside other works that embrace the frivolousness of imagination. These vibrant works retain hints of scientific influence mixed with outsider art, where elements are taken from their original place and put elsewhere, creating a subjective landscape.

The result is Exaggerated Realities, a cabinet of curiosities featuring a number of contemporary drawings and paintings inspired by the real as much as its deformations, where urban landscapes stand alongside giant bees and frescos of strange and bubbling characters.

Opening Reception: Thursday 30th August, 7- 9pm