"Where the Past Meets the Present "

An Exhibition of Paintings by Daria Dobroniega Kowalska



From Tuesday 15th January to Sunday 27th January 2013

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to host an exhibition by Daria Dobroniega Kowalska. Daria is a polish artist and has been living in Ireland since 2007.
Daria interests in European native faiths, with Slavic and Viking material culture is her main inspiration. That is why her art is about pre-Christian religion and traditions, and would like to show people her vision of ancient beliefs, share her knowledge and remind us where we came from.

Through her art she is connecting to the past and the present. Slavic traditions with all its differences from Irish traditions still have a lot in common and can show Euro Asiatic roots familiar to those two cultures.

For this exhibition Daria will present watercolours, which gives interesting ways to blur subjects, and works really well with fleeting historical subjects.

Opening Reception: Friday 18th January 7pm 9pm