Catherina Hearne

From Tuesday 4th June to Sunday 16th June2013

A native of Co. Waterford but long based in Cork city, Catherina Hearnes’ artistic practice encompasses sculpture, installation and painting. This exhibition of new paintings, executed over the past 2 years present a rich and intricate body of work demonstrating the characteristics that are hallmarks of this artists oeuvre - attention to detail, complex layering of information, intricate building of surfaces and rich colour relationships are all vital aspects of her work.

The paintings present a visual feast of colour, surface and form. They reward careful investigation due to the complexity of layered information drawn from sources as diverse as religious iconography, contemporary fashion and architecture. The resultant experience is sumptuous, engaging and ultimately enriching; rewarding both the eye and the mind.

The title of this exhibition “Essence & Existence” encourages the viewer to frame their experience of these works beyond the seductive decoration and pattern initially suggested by these works. In existential thought, “human beings create their own values and determine a meaning for their life. By posing the acts that constitute him or her, he or she makes his or her existence more significant.” Through these works Catherina affirms an essential aspect of her ‘being’ the paintings act as both illustrations and validations of her existence. These paintings reflect and crystallise her thinking and nature, so in a sense they can be viewed as autobiographical, as vital a part of this artist’s existence as breathing.

For the viewer their colour, vibrance and complexity resonate with the richness and joy of life presenting a visual experience that is both instantly engaging and rewarding of careful inspection - they are above all intricate works of positive affirmation that exist to be reflected upon and enjoyed.

Catherina has had solo exhibitions in the Butler House Gallery, Kilkenny, the Dock Arts Centre, Carrick on Shannon, Belltable Limerick, Fenton Gallery, Cork; Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda, the Marketplace, Armagh as well as in Norwich and Wrexham in the UK. She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions including the recent New Generation and Irish Wave exhibitions in Beijing, China; Ev+A, Limerick, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Cork’s Capital of Culture exhibition of contemporary Irish art - C2, Iontas and Éigse Open and has received awards from the Irish Arts Council, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Cork County Council. Her work is in the collections of the Office of Public Works, Dundalk UDC and Wexford Arts Centre as well as being represented in numerous private collections.

Opening Reception: Saturday 8th June 4-6pm