"People, Nature, Fruit and Flowers"

An Exhibition of New Works by Dave Flynn



From Tuesday 12th March to Sunday 24th March 2013

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to host an exhibition of new works by Dave Flynn. A Fine Arts graduate from the Byam Shaw School of Art, London, Dave is a professional artist and art teacher living and working in Bray, Co. Wicklow. He writes art reviews for various publications, and as well as teaching art classes in counties Wicklow and Dublin, he mentors artists with special needs for South Dublin Community Arts.

Dave says of his work:
“Over the years I’ve come to realise that there has to be a struggle to keep faithful to process rather than having too predefined and limited a vision. When I manage to do this, it’s very freeing. For me, this means doing all I can with drawing, colour and the visible honesty of mark making, in order to keep a tension between the potential of exploring whatever is inspiring me while staying true to its beauty.

The components of this exhibition, ‘People, Nature, Fruit and Flowers’, not only cover the types of work included, but also refer to always painting directly from life which is, for me, nature in the broadest sense.

In the intimacy of the portrait and the human figure, I try to share what I’m experiencing, including the relationship built with the sitter. This is also true when I paint a figure from a distance as part of a seascape, for example, trying to apprehend the figure’s dynamic in relation to the elements. In either case, painting a person is an immense privilege.

There are also, of course, the stunning seascapes and landscapes of North County Wicklow where I live. The artistic possibilities are endless. Folly Beach in the USA, south of where I was born, is another inspiring place for wonderful and at times dramatic seascapes. It’s an impressive Atlantic coastline near Charleston, in South Carolina’s ‘Low Country’ with some great landmarks, including an old pier and pavilion. I paint land and seascapes with immediacy there and then, so there’s little chance to plan anything other than composition. Rather than commit one moment in time to paper or canvas, painting from nature is an experience of a drama unfolding.

Finally, there is the meditative and intimate work of still life. I start from the intention, especially in the setting-up process, of getting across particular ideas. This could be a harmony or tension between the objects and the interior space, a strong contrast of colours, or a dynamic composition

My main mediums have tended to be pencil and oil paint, but in the last couple of years I’ve been using a lot of watercolour as well. Watercolour is particularly great in quickly capturing high contrast, light and mood, such as a land or seascape changing due to cloud cover, or a darkening sky.”

Opening Reception: Friday 15th March 7pm – 9pm

The Exhibition Will Be Opened By Joe Dunne, Principal Of The Royal Hibernian Academy Drawing School