‘When Classes Meet’

A group exhibition of artist’s art classes held at St. Fergal’s and Little Bray Family Resource Centre.
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Tuesday November 5th 2013 – Sunday 17th November 2013

All the classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and taught by Tony Clarke and feature a variety of work and techniques such as oil and acrylic painting, ceramic sculpture and mixed media.

In total, this exhibition will feature 22 artists at various stages of their careers. Some of the works features are project based such as ‘Van Gogh Card’, ‘Recipe Card’, ‘Pick an LP’ and ‘Finding Your Way With Clay.

This is the first time all the students will come together. Although some have mutual friends within the classes, this is a time where they share the same platform. The selection process was the responsibility of the individual classes who always have the opportunity to critique each others work. This will be evident in the works featured at this exhibition.

Opening Reception:Friday 8th November 7-9pm