A Multimedia Group Exhibition by Ella Flanagan, Aiseling Noone, Pat Burnes and Yvonne Robinson

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From Tuesday 21st May to Sunday 2nd June 2013

Signal Arts Centre is proud to present a diverse group exhibition by Ella Flanagan, Aiseling Noone, Pat Burnes, and Yvonne Robinson demonstrating a wide range of media and subjects.

Ella Flanagan: It was whilst getting to grips with living alone in a new country, grappling with a new culture and circumstance, that Flanagan was forced to look within and re-examine preconceived ideas about her work and role in unfamiliar surroundings. Previously working in oil the restricted workspace there prompted the artist to experiment with watercolour, a new departure for her. Flanaganís paintings became ongoing meditations on the light and sounds of her new environment. With this she wishes to convey her feeling of privilege in experiencing this light and in particular the song of the nightingale.

Aiseling Noone: The emphasis of Nooneís art practice is in close relationship with contemporary art and the apparel industry working with a range of disciplines such as printmaking, photography, fabrics and garments in a metamorphic way concerning social, cultural and gender issues. The artist applied the notion of the clothing trade with its many facets, isolating them from their familiar context in order to give them different meaning. These components act as a metaphor for suppression, domination, concerned mainly with human subjugation from a social and cultural context and in particular with female inequality.

Pat Burnes: These three oil paintings are part of the Obsession series. The images are an interlinking exploration from an original print based on a family photograph. Obsession: Painting One is a blow-up from a section of the original print. Obsession:Painting Two is a blow-up from Obsession:Painting One and Obsession:Painting Three is a blow-up from Obsession:Painting Two. These paintings are expressions of Pat Burnes engagement with family memories and her ties to the town of Bray.

Yvonne Robinson Robinsonís work in general is about her response to the world as she has seen and experienced it and to create something from her subconscious. Robinsonís early work concerned her alter ego reflecting her coming to terms with loss through death and dealt with its emotional experience. Some of the work is figurative and emotes a psychological undertone to consider the masks we all wear. This recent work is the artistís response to her personal journey through life. It involves looking to the child within and embracing life with hope.

Opening Reception: Saturday 25th May 2013 7-9pm