An Exhibition of Paintings by Martina McAteer
Open Exhibition 2012 Image Open Exhibition 2012 Image Open Exhibition 2012 Image

Tuesday 27th August – Sunday 8th September 2013

Martina McAteer is an Irish painter who lives in Wexford with her two young children. She has been represented by the Oisin gallery, the Leinster gallery and Kennedy’s art gallery and has also been selected for international exhibitions in New York. She was voted “People’s Choice” with Pen and Brush inc. in New York and recently held a solo show in Ranelagh Arts Centre.

This exhibition is a highly personal development in the artist’s life. In some sense there is a strong sense of metamorphosis in style, tone and even approach to painting. The works were painted at a time when the artist felt “she was at a bridge where the other side was difficult to see”. For the first time in her life as a painter there was a sense of a need to navigate onto the next step. The title “Treoir” which means “Direction” was literally explored through painting.

Up to now the artist’s works were a fusion of classically influenced painting juxtaposing with an almost naïve narrative type painting. Poetic, lyrical, often with an ethereal sense of pathos, the paintings often had a mystical quality about them. Post-modernistic style icons, angels, spirits, alongside lyrical paintings reminded the artist of being on a journey where she watched the old solemn religious art and lightly told a tale along the way!! The artist often painted what she believed were “Two Ways”, reflecting the way we like to present ourselves to others and the way we present ourselves to ourselves! The big move in her more recent works was towards a complete acceptance of self expression free of the labour of spiritual analysis or social acceptance

In the words of the Irish writer Christy Nolan in “Under the eye of the clock”, “Man is God hesitating and God is man hesitatingly trying”. Here in this exhibition the artist simply “tried”!

Opening Reception: Friday 30th September 2013, 7-9 pm