"To Whom It May Concern III"

An Exhibition of Sculpture by Mary Cooke



From 9th April to 21st April 2013

It’s with great pleasure Signal Arts Centre is hosting an installation by Mary Cooke.

Mary’s time at Winchester School of Art, Hampshire, UK opened up her knowledge of materials and her own personal language. After an internship at Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota, USA she continued to work in steel interrupted by multi material installations. After achieving her Masters, she worked in New York as an architectural mould builder, helping to repair New York after 9 11. Having skills and the willingness to learn anew allows her the freedom of “not always thinking in steel” - Anthony Cafritz 2000.

All materials are heavy with meaning and history which Mary uses to “flesh” the bones of her own narrative. At the moment she is working with paper and thread......
Something that requires painstaking, meticulous detail made by hand seems a long way from a memory that is fading away or a dream that slips like sand through fingers. Yet Mary Cooke’s sculptures are delicate, fragile works of intense application, reminiscing of things akin to cobwebs or butterfly wings or a foggy landscape.

Standing near these sculptures, you begin to sense what they feel like to the touch. On moving closer, they move as if they were breathing or wafting in a breeze. The colours are so subtle that at first appear to be colourless and then slowly the palest of green – blues – and yellow ochre emerge and deepen. After a while you suspect that if you whispered something to them they would whisper something back to you. Meanwhile the shared silence is communion.

Mary’s desire is to allow the audience to move within the landscape, in doing so their own memories and experiences are encouraged and explored, thus making their stories and experience intertwine and enriching the installation. Her process is very organic; the process, the repetition, the thoughts, the experience of making, building, the narrative layer upon layer, one word at a time.

Opening Reception: Thursday 11th April 2013 7 -9 pm