"Walk in our Shoes "

An Exhibition of Multi-Media by the members of The Meeting Place



From Tuesday 26th March to Sunday 7th April 2013

The Meeting Place was founded to bring our Older People together and break their isolation which is all too common in today’s society. It began in September 2011 and soon developed into a group of 19 friends whose creative talent emerged under the guidance of Denis Dunne.

Growing in strength and confidence this very special group of Older People stepped outside their comfort zone and embarked on a variety of creative activities which included Ceramics, Photography and mixed media art. They had a fantastic showcase of this work at their ‘Young at Art’ exhibition opened by Niamh McNally from the National Gallery of Ireland in May 2012.

To ensure their creative juices kept flowing, every couple of weeks there was a break for Sing Songs, Bingo and the like. Now this group of friends from Loughlinstown, Dun Laoghaire, Sallynoggin and Glenageary have gone to a new level of creativity and will showcase a whole new range of work .Again under the tutorage of their Artistic Director Denis Dunne, the group will display tremendous works of Ceramics, Photography and Art. For us Volunteers it really is an honor and privilege to join this group of Older People each week.

Walk in our shoes is very symbolic of the journey of life but also the journey that the groups have taken together in revealing their artistic and creative skills. The body of work is an exploration of the self, it includes self portraits, silhouettes, and ceramics, all work are made individually then brought together in an inspirational body of work, the journey continues..

Opening Reception: Tuesday 26th March 2-4pm, Closing Afternoon tea: Sunday 7th April 2-4pm