An exhibition of paintings by Michael Power



From Tuesday 13th August to Sunday 25th August 2013

Through my painting I depict imagery that aims to balance composition with narratives, most recently my paintings have been a product of thoughts that centre on my experience of an out-of-sync relationship between modern society and a sense of natural order. In my exhibition entitled “Adrift”, I am hoping to touch on these feelings of detachment. My paintings often depict natural forms as holding a settled place in the image while man-made objects are delivered as symbols blocking and dissecting true order.

I try to balance these narratives in subtle conflict; resolution is not to be found but recognition might and may offer the viewer a place to contemplate these open ended themes. My paintings are typically constructed from parts or in whole of collected pictures, sourced from magazines, my own photography etc. I try to compose these images in paintings that will inspire study. In doing so, I adopt a direct figurative painting style, I am self-thought, painting in oils. I have held a number of other shows but feel that this show at the Signal has been a great opportunity to try and focus on a general direction of the paintings themes and imagery.

I paint mainly at night as I have a busy full time job and also a busy young family of three. My wife is a source of endless support. Finding time to paint is a struggle but I think that it’s ultimately something that I have to make time for.

Opening Reception: Friday 16th August 2013, 7-9pm