"Out Of Focus"

An Exhibition of Paintings by Ray Corcoran
Ray Corcoran Image Ray Corcoran Image Ray Corcoran Image

Tuesday 24th September – Sunday 6th October 2013

Largely a self-taught artist having received a small amount of invaluable formal training, Ray has been working on various commissions and projects over the years.

Originally his intention was to complete a project on NAMA, but as was pointed out by friends this has already been covered by various artists. Therefore this exhibition is a number of personal observations in variant styles, enjoying the freedom of not being confined to one style or method of expression, which to others might be viewed as a loss of direction or focus.

Ray explains, “At this point in time I am sharing a studio with some other artists and working on various projects and ideas some of which I imagine I will never achieve because of so many constraints, not just financial but physical, like not enough studio space and not enough materials to experiment with and 101 other things that all artist want to do both by way of experiment and expression.”

Opening Reception: Thursday 26th September 2013, 7-9pm