"Herostratus "

An Installation by Sarah Jayne Booth



From Tuesday 12th February to Sunday 24th February 2013

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to host new works by installation artist Sarah Jayne Booth. In this, her third solo show, Booth’s work examines notoriety, which is depicted in part by the story of ‘The Rabbit Woman of Godlaming’. The travesties that are often pursued in the search for recognition and illustriousness are sometimes crude and implausible. Through sound, scent and a semblance of fragile naissances, this tale is imparted and ultimately turns to disenchantment

Sarah Jayne’s work frequently deals with emotions and connections to the human condition. There are recurrently sinister undertones juxtaposed with the delicacy of the settings. These installations use the rich history of objects to engage the viewer in a psychological narrative. Found items merge with castings and textiles to form assemblages communicating tales of intrinsic circumstances.

Wine Reception: Friday 15th February 7pm – 9pm