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Film Festival 2012 at Signal Arts Centre

Signal Arts Centre Film Fest is an annual event,showcasing independent short films from around the world and is a platform for the independent filmmakers from any nation.

All films were judged by our in-house panel, were screened in the Mermaid Arts Centre on the 22nd of May and the winning short film was shown on 3e with an average audience of 26,000 viewers.

Fargo Movie Poster

Last year saw some very high standards but the stand out piece was "Hearing Silence"

Directed by Hilary Fennell, this Film Festival winner delves into a world where sound plays a crucial and increasingly frustrating role, as we learn how professional musician Elizabeth Petcu is coping with going deaf.

Promo Pic nothing Nowhere

In 2nd spot was "Nothing Nowhere".

This wonderful supernatural thriller narrowly missed out on the top prize.

Written & directed by Ian Campbell, tells the story of JK.

On the run from drug dealers, JK hides out in a church

where the consequences of his actions are played out repeatedly.

This short was very well recieved at the festival screening..

promo pic Muddy Feet Mountain High

Third spot went to the fabulous "Muddy Feet Mountain High".

A Celtic comedy written and directed by Benjamin Barry.

This light hearted tale tells the story of The Celt in a race against time

to get to his comrades. But will he make it in good speed?

Film List 2012 at the Signal Arts Film Fest

  • Hearing Silence
  • Nothing Nowhere
  • Muddy Feet Mountain High
  • ..for peace comes dropping slow..
  • My Fault
  • A Pedigree Performance
  • What's Wrong With You Baby
  • Into White
  • How Bad Can One Day Be?
  • Gone too Long

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