'The Dargle: So Beautiful'

Exhibition of Paintings by Biddy Scott and Ray Cranley.
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Monday 10th April – Sunday 23rd April

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by the artists Biddy Scott and Ray Cranley.

The Dargle River rises in Glensroulan in the Wicklow mountains and after a short dramatic course meets the sea at Bray harbour. The aim of this exhibition is to re-appreciate our familiarity with this beautiful river and to re-address our interest in its rich cultural history.

From the mid-1700s to the early 1800s, the Dargle became one of the most popular sources of inspiration for Irish landscape artists. George Barret, Thomas Roberts, Thomas Sautell Roberts, James Arthur O’Connor and many others came to the Dargle to find that variety of ‘Landscape’ which this increasingly popular genre demanded.

The leading patrons of art, the owners of the landscape were informed by a growing interest in the natural sciences and in the aesthetics of beauty. But throughout this period this proprietorship was marked, not only by this surging intellectual curiosity but by increasing fear of the marginalised and the dispossessed. This was the age of revolutions.

The Dargle’s landscape provided a visual manifestation of both light and darkness: the charm of natural beauty and the disquiet of sublime drama, as delineated by the contemporary Irish philosopher, Edmund Burke (1729-97).

Ray Cranley and Biddy Scott are re-appreciating the Dargle’s landscape in various media: Oil, acrylic, egg tempera, pen and graphite. During the time of the exhibition we also hope to stimulate conversation about the history of the beautiful Dargle.

Closing Reception: Friday 21st April from 7 pm - 9 pm

All Welcome!