Angela graduated from the Institute of Art Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire with a BA (First Class Honours) in Fine Art.

She is tracing the idea of home and its meaning to her and others. She worked in a local authority housing estate, from which the residents had long since been re-housed; but were still surrounded by the neglected and abandoned buildings that had once been home to them all. She examined their idea of home, what it meant to them now and what it had symbolised during the years they had lived in this area.

Angela's images are a visual response to conversations and comments from residents who used to live on the estate. Many of the quotes are taken from a project on 'home' done by the children who lived there; others from interviews she conducted with tenants on the estate who were reflecting on how life used to be when they lived in the old flats. This exhibition is a testament to the community who inspired the work and attempts to shape and shade the images of their former homes.

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