I am an Irish artist who has exhibited in Ireland and Mexico, where I have lived on and off for about three years now. I work in free hand machine embroidery and oils.
My subject matter is dreams and stories. A child's view of the world through fairy stories where animals and people inhabit a world of magic and possibility. A genies magic lamp, three wishes, a boat to sail to the stars on, a poet naming the world into creation, a cat wishing to fly and a dog that wanders through my dreams, his eyes shining and fire under his feet.
I tell stories with each picture or maybe the pictures are one moment caught in visual terms. I try as much as possible to let the moment talk and see what comes out. Without working on a picture before-hand or planning colours I will just start and then see what emerges when I have finished.
I am always trying to get closer to that moment of creation, the flow of shapes/colours/meaning. To work from how I feel in that moment and see what emerges onto the paper. I have always found that the first drawing or sketch is closer to the truth than when I rework a drawing into a picture. The original has something extra, an aliveness, even though it might not be technically perfect, the arm might be too long or the body a strange shape or something which the mind says I must fix but the heart finds truer than a ‘corrected’ version. So I have made a promise to myself not to worry about imperfections and trust myself to let it flow as it wishes. Make leaps of faith as regards colour and shape and always try to take another step forward into freedom.”

As well as her own personal work she has done numerous commissions for private collectors and can be contacted for any questions at cliodhnaq@gmail.com.
More of my work can be seen at my blog www.cliodhnaswave.com which has links to my website with my artwork.

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