Eimear Nic Caba's image


  by Eimear Nic Caba

Tuesday 8th January - Sunday 20th January
Opening Reception: Friday 11th January

Artist in the Community 2007 image

'Artist in the Community 2007'

  by Julie Merriman/Bray Youth Reach

Tuesday 22nd January - Sunday 3rd February
Opening Reception: Friday 25th January

Suzanne Mooney's image

'Something Physical'

  by Suzanne Mooney

Tuesday 5th Febuary - Sunday 17th February
Opening Reception: Thursday 7th February

Enagh Farrell's image

'Delicate Thoughts and Abstractions'

  by Enagh Farrell

Tuesday 19th February - Sunday 2nd March
Opening Reception: Thursday 21st February

Mary Duffy's image

'Sea, Sky and the Square Mile'

  by Mary Duffy

Tuesday 4th March - Sunday 16th March
Opening Reception: Friday 7th March

Augustine O'Donoghue's image


  by Augustine O'Donoghue

Tuesday 18th March - Sunday 30th March
Opening Reception: Friday 21st March

Seamus McCormack's image

'I'm Crying and Everything'

  by Seamus McCormack

Tuesday 1st April- Sunday 13th April
Opening Reception: Friday 4th April

Cathy Doyle's image

'Ancient Dreams'

  by Cathy Doyle

Tuesday 15th April - Sunday 27th April
Opening Reception: Friday 18th April

Sarah Morshead's image

'Between Line and Form'

  by Sarah Morshead

Tuesday 29th April - Sunday 11th May
Opening Reception: Friday 2nd May

Susan Montgomery's image


  by Susan Montgomery

Tuesday 13th May - Sunday 25th May
Opening Reception: Tuesday 13th May

Ken Browne's image

'Palimpsest 2'

  by Ken Browne

Tuesday 27th May - Sunday 8th June
Opening Reception: Thursday 29th May

Yvonne Robinson's image

'Spirit 2'

  by Yvonne Robinson

Tuesday 10th June - Tuesday 22nd June
Opening Reception: Friday 13th June

'In Between'

  by Caroline Loughnane & Una Kavanagh

Tuesday 24th June - Sunday 6th July
Opening Reception: Friday 27th June

'8th Annual Exhibition'

by Signal Arts Society 

Tuesday 8th July - Sunday 20th July
Opening Reception: Friday 11th July

Louise Manifold's image


by Louise Manifold 

Tuesday 22nd July - Sunday 3rd August
Opening Reception: Friday 25th July

Eric Doggett's image

'Out There'

by Eric Doggett 

Wednesday 6th August - Sunday 17th August
Opening Reception: Thursday 7th August

Jan De Groot's image


by Jan De Groot 

Tuesday 19th August - Sunday 31st August
Opening Reception: Friday 22nd August

Fiona O'Connor's image


by Fiona O'Connor 

Tuesday 2nd September - Sunday 14th September
Opening Reception: Friday 5th September

Raymond Osborn's image

'A Year in Bray'

by Raymond Osborn 

Tuesday 16th September - Sunday 28th September
Opening Reception: Thursday 18th September

Pat Burnes's image


by Pat Burnes 

Tuesday 30th September - Sunday 12th October
Opening Reception: Friday 3rd October

Hilary Orpen's image

'Present Past'

by Hilary Orpen 

Tuesday 14th October - Sunday 26th October
Opening Reception: Thursday 16th October

'Oil Paintings'

by Women's Albert Art Group 

Wednesday 29th October - Sunday 9th November
Opening Reception: Friday 31st October

Kary Mullally's image

'Healing the Inner Child'

by Kary Mullally 

Tuesday 11th November - Sunday 23rd November
Opening Reception: Tuesday 11th November

Derek Fitzpatrick's image


by Derek Fitzpatrick 

Tuesday 25th November - Sunday 7th December
Opening Reception: Thursday 27nd November

Marianne Cullen's image

'Re-Collected Impressions'

 by Marianne Cullen

Tuesday 9th December - Sunday 21st December
Opening Reception: Friday 12th December