Signal invigilates approximately 25 shows a year in the gallery. The gallery is open to the public six days a week. We have also facilitated book launches and charity exhibitions in the space.

We usually hold Exhibition openings every two weeks on a Thursday or Friday evening at 7-9pm. Ring and ask any of our staff if we have an opening that week. If you need further clarification or any information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Dark Room

Dark room facility available for hire includes:

Two enlargers with timers

Chemical trays and sink

Chemicals, papers etc are not supplied by the centre.
To book please ring the centre.

Reduction available to Signal Art Society Members.

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Art Studios

There will be a studio available for hire to artists for blocks of ten week
periods at a nominal fee. We operate a waiting list system.
Please ring the centre if interested.

Ceramics Room

The ceramics room is available for hire to practitioners. Facilities include:

Top loading kiln

Two electric wheels

Work Room

The work room is a utility used by groups for classes. It can be hired out to different groups when not in use by the centre. Always check for availability by contacting the centre

Signal has always aimed to maximise the amount of interaction between artists and the broader community. The centre encourages people to see the arts generally and artists in particular as a valuable resource which is readily accessible to the community. Since its establishment in 1990 Signal has operated a wide range of arts projects in the community with scores of organisations, voluntary bodies and schools. These projects are tailored to meet the needs of groups involved and may involve two or three staff artists working on a project on a weekly basis over time with an organisation or a once off large project involving larger numbers of staff.

Projects can take place in Signal with participants availing of the centres facilities or on site with the recipients group.

If your organisation, voluntary body, resource centre, school etc., feels that it would be interested in availing of Signal's Community Arts Services just contact the office to see what's possible.

Click here to see the range of community arts projects that Signal are currently running.


Signal Arts Centre has developed a regular and routine schedule of events and activities that take place in the Centre that are open to local artists and the general public alike. The needs ot the local community are assessed on an ongoing basis by various means. Examples of such events include Book Launches, Awards Ceremonies, Art History Lectures, one day shows for graduating art business students.

If you have any enquiries about the services above, please contact us on:
Tel: 353 01 276 2039
Fax: 353 01 286 9982
Email: info[at]