'3 x 3'

An Exhibition of Glass Artworks by Andrea Spencer, Scott Benefield and Seán Campbell

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From Tuesday 2nd March to Sunday 14th March 2010

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this group exhibition by Andrea Spencer, Scott Benefield and Seán Campbell.

Each of the artists employs a different method of working with glass and each pursues a substantially different artistic agenda. Collectively they cover a wide spectrum that is representative of the field as a whole, in terms of technique, their choice of subject matter and the form in which they present their work.

Andrea Spencer's finely detailed hollow sculptures exploit the material properties of transparency and fragility characteristic to flameworking, whilst also addressing form, context and qualities found in the drawn line.

Scott Benefield's intricately patterned blown vessels are closely tied to the forms of functional glass objects and engage the history of the medium through their innovative application of traditional Italian glassblowing techniques.

As a child Seán Campbell used to watch the clouds in the sky and conjure up stories from the forms that materialized. As an artist he returns to that same process. Using a painterly approach and the process of abstraction to generate a creative impulse from the unexpected images that appear.

Opening Reception: Friday 5th March 7-9pm