'New Works of Progress'

Exhibition of Paintings by Annabel König and Barbara Dempsey

From Tuesday 14th September to Saturday 25th September 2004

Annabel König and Barbara Dempsey have had numerous exhibitions together over the years, including the acclaimed group show Alchemy, which toured Ireland and was shown in a number of galleries in London.

The friendship of the artists has been as much of a link as the work itself. Concentrating on their surroundings, they create work that tells a story of a place or often and amalgamation of places, of a natural evolution of the land and of man's impact upon it.

Having both worked in archaeology and being keen gardeners, it is the constant outdoor life which provides much of the inspirational elements of their work: The changing light, the journeys to and from work at irregular hours and a direct involvement with the earth, all go towards creating an in-depth understanding of nature.

'New Works' is another stage of a long journey of the countryside in which they live now. As they move and explore new geographical topography the work will change with it. However, the basis remains the same - the elements, the land it's inhabitants.

Opening Reception: Thursday 16th September 7-9pm