'Sea Change'

An Exhibition by Annika Berglund

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From Tuesday 29th August to Saturday 9th September 2006

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present 'Sea Change' by artist Annika Berglund.

Changes in Annika's life and professional direction, and a move from anger to joy, has led to a journey of creative exploration that was influenced by six months of traveling to different seas around the world in 2004. This trip was a source of inspiration for her current work in ceramics, print and paint.

Annika has found that working in three different media simultaneously causes an exciting interchange of ideas and techniques. Her inherently sensual forms are sensitively made with subtle textured surfaces that invite the hand and eye. In her prints and paintings one can see echoes of the images that have also inspired her ceramics.

Annika has approached this exhibition as an exciting opportunity to show all aspects of her creative abilities. Annika has exhibited on numerous occasions with Ceramics Ireland, participated in 'Blade on the Feather', an all-female exhibition at Trinity College, the Open Art Exhibition 2005 in the Mermaid Art Centre and was accepted for Sculpture in Context 2005 in the Botanical Gardens. She has also recently exhibited at the OSB Gallery in Enniskerry.

This new body of work celebrates the endless possibilities that a variety of materials and techniques present and marks this stage of Annika's journey as an artist.

Signal Arts Centre would like to welcome Grainne Watts from Ceramics Ireland who kindly accepted Annika's request to open her exhibition.

Opening Reception: Thursday 31st August 7-9pm