'Myriad Visions'

A Group Exhibition of Drawings and Prints Curated By Aoife Fitzgerald

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From Tuesday 15th Feburary to Sunday 27th Feburary 2011

This exhibition is an open submission of works from Artist's practising both in Ireland and abroad in the disciplines of Drawing and Print and will be held in February at Signal Arts Centre. The drawing and print section includes experimentation as well as conventional exploration.

The idea for this exhibition came about from a need to exhibit drawings and printmaking as a mainstream art form, rather than a peripheral form of visual note taking. There is a richness and depth within the field of drawing which stems from both its universality and its uniqueness. The work chosen will be on show for two weeks and will introduce the vision and obsessiveness of the compulsive draughtsperson..

Opening Reception: Friday 18th Feburary 7-9pm