'The Sketchbook'

An Exhibition of Oil Sketches on Canvas by Bartosz Kolata
Bartosz Kolata's image Bartosz Kolata's image Bartosz Kolata's image

From Tuesday 3rd February to Sunday 15th February 2009

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this exhibition by Bartosz Kolata.  Bartosz obtained an MA in Fine Art in his hometown of Torun, Poland and since then has exhibited in various solo and group shows both in Ireland and abroad.  He won two awards in 2007, the Irish Art Award and the Luas/RPA Art Competition, Dublin.

He finds inspiration in people around him, their relationships, and their feelings.  His paintings are like snapshots of private, unpremeditated moments which make the viewer almost voyeuristic.  The subjects of his works are captured in everyday situations – relaxing, chatting, sunbathing, or sleeping.  He always strives to portray the inner state of the model.  Subjects for his painting come from his life and are always connected with him, his emotions.  You can find him in every person and place created on his canvases.  People he passes in the street become characters in his paintings as well.  They stop being anonymous because people’s faces will not leave him indifferent.  There is a story behind each face.

He says, 'I am not trying to change the world.  You will not find in my art a direct engagement with subjects such as war or death.  In my opinion there is too much blood and sadness on TV and in the media generally.'  He is not portraying facts; rather it's people's reactions to them that interest him.  He believes that our sensibility has been weakened due to the massive onslaught of cruel and violent scenes that blur the line between reality and unreality.  A strong message does not always require a violent image, because you can often achieve much more through gentleness.  They beauty and simplicity of everyday life that you find on his canvasses can restore people's sensibility, which is fundamental.

Opening Reception: Thursday 5th February 7-9pm