'Your Boyfriends'

A Mixed Media Exhibition by Bennie Reilly

From Tuesday 17th August to Saturday 28th August 2004

Signal Arts Centre is showing new work in drawing and painting by emerging Irish artist Bennie Reilly.

The work, which Bennie describes as playful, consists mostly of delicate images of effeminate and doll-like men, references the androgyny, and the erotic.

The homosexual innuendo attached to 'the boy' as portrayed in the sculpture and painting of early classical Greek art through to the mass produced and kitsch 'thrift-store' prints of the twentieth century.

Depicted alone and in small and large groups, performing various tasks such as drying dishes, holding hands and playing football, Bennie's 'Boyfriends' are all at once adorable, camp and kinky, subtly punctuating the thin boundary between innocence and eroticism.

Opening Reception: Thursday 19th August 7-9pm