'In Between'

An Exhibition by Caroline Loughnane and Una Kavanagh

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From Tuesday 24th June to Sunday 6th July 2008

Caroline graduated from Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art.  She says, 'Our fragile and vulnerable existence is sometimes sheltered by strong, capable veneers'.  The consequences that transpire from this contrast produce emotions, which are conveyed in the finished pieces.  Her work engages with that part of ourselves, which is sometimes hidden or ignored.  She attempts to transform internal voice into external objects.  She says, 'Solitary endeavour creates work that will encourage questions and embrace the beauty that change can bring to our lives'.   

Una's work revolves around and is a culmination of the figurative and also the natural world of flora and fauna.  It focuses on natural, living qualities, but can also be regarded as a hybrid or a metamorphosis of the two.  Even though some of the forms she creates tends to appear more biomorphic and organic than figurative, the human form is very definitely implied, and human presence always permeates the work.

Her work reflects a strong interest in the androgynous forms of nature and humanity and also their mutability - the ever-changing aspects of all things, the'‘Heraclitean Fire' of natural flux, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

She works instinctively which means she does not always get the results she wants without a certain amount of trial and error.  She might decide on a certain type of shape or concept, however she has no preconceptions about how the entire work will develop.  Overall, her work expresses certain aspects of her personality and temperament.

Opening Reception: Friday 27th June 7-9pm