'Unusual House Guests'

An Exhibition of Paintings by Charmain Fitzgerald
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From Tuesday 28th September to Sunday 10th October 2010

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this collection of works by artist Charmain Fitzgerald.

Her main influences are Lempicka, Singer-Sargant, Hopper, Klimt and Botticelli to name a few. She works predominantly in oil and draws upon her experiences, observations and imagination to bring about figurative realism with a touch of surrealism, combining seemingly domestic scenes with exotic wildlife.

Her paintings are figurative and realist/surrealist, using representational form to create a sense of otherness, not detached from everyday things.

In March of this year, Charmain and her painting 'Koi Bath (2007)' were featured in Hotpress magazine and the painting has been used on the album cover of Cork singer/song writer Daniel Jones. In 2007 her painting “Wee Bitsie” was featured on RTE's The Afternoon Show as a runner up in a nationwide competition.

Charmain was raised in Dublin and took art classes outside of school from the age of five up through her teens. She moved to New York with her family at fourteen and went on to work in Florida, London, Los Angeles and Louisiana.

Upon returning to Ireland several years ago, she took up her study of art again, taking classes and apprenticing with an established Irish artist. She has gone on to launch her career as an emerging artist through several group exhibitions in Dublin and Waterford.

Opening Reception: Friday 1st October 7-9pm