'Cradle in her'

An Exhibition of Paintings by Clare Stevens

From Tuesday 23rd November to Saturday 4th December 2004

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present 'Cradle in her' by Clare Stevens.

Living in Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow, Clare divides her work into two areas – paintings inspired and influenced by icons, an art form which has fascinated Clare for many years, and works from her local landscape. The title of this exhibition, 'Cradle in her', is taken form one of Clare's paintings, containing elements of both landscape and iconology and its reference to the Pieta theme and physical burial in the earth.

Clare says: 'In the icon paintings, I am exploring some of the themes traditionally found in the genre, recently it has been acceptable to explore almost any spiritual/philosophical area except the Christian area, nevertheless, and Christianity yields a rich vein of spiritual themes and mythology for anyone who ventures beyond the real and perceived obstacles and objections to this area. I see it as a reclaiming of cultural and spiritual territory that is often obscured by the political use or misuse of these rich symbolic figures. The landscape images, result from walking around my local environs, the paintings often connect in groups as different stages of various walks, and I often paint places that have been very familiar to me for many years. As the light changes dramatically, I love to try and catch the different feeling of a place when this happens. A painting transforms a landscape into a vertical flat rectangle, so right from the start you are changing your perspective. As you move through a place your point of perspective changes each moment and you never see exactly the same thing twice.'

Having returned to Kilmacanogue, after a long rime away, Clare has a strong sense of being close to her origins, and is happy to be exploring the possibilities of the basic themes of our cultural background and the landscape enfolding us.

Opening Reception: Thursday 25th November   7-9pm