'Bursting Forth with Ten Fists of Flame'

An Exhibition of Paintings by Cóilín Rush

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From Tuesday 21st Novemeber to Sunday 3rd December 2006

Signal Arts is pleased to present new works by Artist Cóilín Rush.

Rush was born in Dublin in 1976 and graduated from the National Collage of Art and Design in 1999 with a Degree in fine Art paint. Since then he has been teaching and working as a practicing artist.

Rush's work involves the production of television images in the medium of paint. Television images are translated into the paint medium and as such are introduced to the tradition of painting. On the one hand this involves the traditional materials and on the other hand there is the tradition of the values that painting has observed in its own progression. Spatial relationships and the integrity of the paint as its own representation.

Rush's work is concerned with the process of translating from one medium to another. People bemoan the loss the loss that occurs in translating a work from one medium to another but in the schism that results a door is opened. Within the images as formal arrangements of colour there are the representations of icons of television and cinema. Images of the shows and films of the artists youth. In this way another translation occurs. That of low art to high art. Populists icons invade the elitist specialist space of painting.

Rush returned to Dublin in 2003 after two years of travel and began to work on a series of paintings. The works exhibited at this exhibition are largely the product of that time.

Cóilín would like to acknowledge the kind support from South Dublin County Council.

Opening Reception: Thursday 23rd November 7-9pm