'Don't Look Down '

Exhibition of Paintings by Deirdre Kearney
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From Tuesday 30th August to Sunday 11th September 2011

Signal Arts Centre is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by artist Deirdre Kearney. Deirdre has spent most of her life in Dublin. Whilst she was accepted to Art College in the 1980's she was also accepted into law and initially embarked on a career in law working as a solicitor for nearly fifteen years. She continued to paint throughout this period and was a member of the Ballygall and Donnybrook Art Studios. Deirdre also holds a qualification in interior design and has worked as a graphic designer.

In 1990 Deirdre gave up her career in law to become a professional artist. Largely self taught Deirdre has retained a loyal following and continues to attract new interest. Her works form part of many private and public collections such as AIB, Fergal Quinn and Delaney Locke Thorpe. She has exhibited mainly in Dublin and Wexford.


Her show will focus on the transitional period between boyhood and manhood particularly in the years from 18 to 25. It will try to portray the conflicting issues that drag at a young man; the desire for freedom; the pull of society; the mother's need to hold on and her inability to protect. The works acknowledge the transitional; the chasm that must be crossed between boyhood and manhood; the reluctance factor.


This series has been developed initially in a formal way. The Artist has taken one of the works and transferred it through the use of technology to form the basis for a series of images. These transformed images are a layering of realities; the malevolence of the mask that must be worn; the moving forward; the release of the grip on the door jamb of adolescence. This is the expectation of society versus the fear of failure; the crossing of bridges; the longing glance back.


There is one piece which was developed to allow the transfer of these fears. It is entitled "Tell me your secrets". It has been used by young men as a repository for their secrets and it is hoped that it will continue to do so throughout the exhibition. The hope is that the physical act of confessing might provide relief to the participants and a transfer of energy to the work.

Opening Reception: Friday 2nd September 7-9 p.m.