'Temporal Decomposition'

Exhibition of Photography by Denis Dunne
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From Tuesday 25th October to Sunday 6th November 2011

Signal Arts Centre is proud to showcase a collection of work by photographer/visual artist Denis Dunne. Denis graduated for D.I.T Temple Bar with BA (Honours) in photography. He has also attended courses in ceramics, screen printing, woodwork, metalwork, jewellery making and art history.

Denis' practice is multi layered. In it he seeks to represent and explore innocence, light, change and the transformation of the human spirit. His subjects are collaborators in his practice: they are the force which inspires his imagination. Much of the work is autobiographical, the models play out fragments from the artists' life, he also encourages the models to incorporate some of their own experiences from the past and present.

The body of work in this exhibition is an ongoing exploration of the subject of people and life. The buildings as with time fade till they disappear, the decay becoming its beauty. His fascination with decay and the passing of time stems from the questions that have arisen within him about his own maturity and mortality. The project is based around buildings that retain traces of energy, time and people that have passed. Denis has taken the subjects from their original history and placed them in a new environment in which they never existed, to evoke fictitious stories and to create new memories.


If you would like to commission Denis for portraits or weddings visit his website: www.shinedenis.com

Opening Reception: Friday 28th October 79pm