An Exhibition by Derek Fitzpatrick

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From Tuesday 25th November to Sunday 7th December 2008

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present a collection of landscape paintings by Derek Fitzpatrick.  Derek is a native of Dublin and has exhibited his work in various solo and group exhibitions.  His work features in many public and private collections.

He is not engaging with the illustration of the landscape with paint because that is not what he is interested in.  It is an interpretation of the landscape using his hand and gut feeling rather than an idea in his head.  It is not about making a painting 'of' the landscape.  He is more interested in painting 'about' the landscape and the experience of being in it.  A likeness is unnecessary.

Process is essential to the work as it affects his way of thinking.  He says, 'Painting for me is the interaction of accidents and my will as an artist, or the interaction of the unconscious and the conscious.  Anything can happen on the surface.  In a way it's accidental, in the fact that before one makes a stroke one cannot see the future and the way the paint will appear on the surface.  But one has some control over the substance as one chooses to keep certain accidents as they occur.'

The element of surprise is important to him.  To do something predicted doesn't seem worthwhile at all.  Words cannot describe what a painting is about because it is a substance, it is not about words.  The medium can portray feelings.  Paint as a substance has its own rules and language which is non-verbal.  Painting should not be explained as regards its own nature, but should be able to exist by itself, standing on its own.

Opening Reception: Thursday 27th November 7-9pm