'Within the Realm of Feelings'

An Exhibition of Paintings by Derek Fitzpatrick

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From Wednesday 27th October to Sunday 7th November 2010

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this collection of works by Dublin artist Derek Fitzpatrick. Derek graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. He has exhibited on various occasions in both solo and group shows and has recently had his first international group show in Villa Tittoni, Milan. His work features in private and public collections including that of OPW, Dublin and Cavan Arts Centre. He won The Cill Rialaig Studio Residency 'Scholarship' for a Young Emerging Artist in 2006 and was shortlisted for Backstage Theatre Emerging Artists Award in 2008.

He says, 'I see the figure and the landscape as the ultimate symbols to project my use of paint/material upon. They represent the most fundamental and basic struggles 'to be'. I am trying to preserve a moment in time and capture an instant of life in paint. At the moment, I am concerned with the form and structure of the human body, especially the head as it encompasses the feelings and emotions that can be seen through the face.'

His paintings do not aim to illustrate specific heads or landscapes rather they use the form of a 'figure' or a 'landscape' as a vehicle to allow for a looser more subjective exploration of the tactile quality of paint. The paintings do not represent real spaces but rather the work could be seen as an attempt to give the sense of a psychological state. He is interested in the medium's potential to portray feelings. The paintings sometimes include features which can be identified as belonging to the figure or landscape but often develop into something entirely abstract.

His paintings are not pre-planned and develop intuitively out of the physical process of manipulating paint. Each brush stroke is informed by the one that preceded it. A single brushstroke can completely change a painting. The process for him is the interaction of accidents and his will as an artist: a play between the conscious and the subconscious. In a way the process of painting always involves and element of chance. Before one makes a stroke, one cannot entirely predict the paint will appear on the surface though one maintains some control over the substance in choosing to keep certain accidents as they occur and discard others.

Opening Reception: Friday 29th October 7-9pm