'The Interaction of Time, Place and Being'

An Exhibition of Paintings by Edel Bartley

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From Tuesday 19th January to Sunday 31st January 2010

Signal Arts Centre is proud to present this collection of work by artist Edel Bartley. Edel graduated from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology with a BA (Honours) in Fine Art Painting and has exhibited her work on many occasions, most recently exhibiting in Turn Berlin, Germany. She is currently studying for a Higher Diploma in Art and Design for Art and Design Teachers, and stresses the importance for the education of Art and Culture among our growing youth.

Edel's work has been inspired by the landscape of rural county Leitrim where she spent most of her life. Her paintings present many different concepts of Place and Being. She wants viewers to plug themselves into her space, to question where they are in Time and Being. She wants to expand and encourage the viewer's awareness of the environment and give tools to reconsider new ways of reflecting and experiencing our modern world. She says, 'Rather than recreating a landscape, I aim to express its essence and curiosity.'

The series of paintings for this exhibition are in panel form and are influenced by Japanese art. This elongated form creates a new perspective to her work. She wants the viewer to travel through her painting, to experience the painting. Edel's work is inspired by the artist Peter Doing, which in a sense kidnaps people's memories and presence and places them into a new space and time. There is a certain awkwardness and mystery to the presence of 'humans' within her landscapes, a feeling of discovery and exploration.

Opening Reception: Friday 22nd January 7-9pm