'An Exhibition of New Paintings'

by Elaine Reidy

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From Tuesday 7th November to Sunday 19th November 2006

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present this first solo exhibition of paintings by artist Elaine Reidy.

Elaine studied Art & Design Education at the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork and obtained a degree in English and Greek & Roman Civilisation from U.C.D.

Group exhibitions have played a large part in Elaine's career. Her work has been exhibited in The Cross Gallery and the Oisin Gallery in Dublin, the Tig Fili and Lavitt Gallery in Cork and the Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray amongst others.

Elaine has been moving between still life and landscape paintings of the Bray area. Her work has been described as etheral and mysterious, containing lone buildings, shadowy interiors and recognisable Bray landmarks such as the seafront kiosks and the cliff walk on Bray Head. The materials and physicality of the paint are inseperable from what Elaine depicts. She uses layers of paint and coloured glazes to build up tone and surface and create depth, sometimes leaving a painting for a long period of time before returning to it. The term 'atmospheric' is usually used to describe Elaine's work.

Signal Arts Centre would like to welcome Miriam Ingram to the opening reception. Miriam will perform a few songs from her new CD 'Trampoline'.

Opening Reception: Friday 10th November 7-9pm