'Delicate Thoughts and Abstractions'

An Exhibition by Enagh Farrell
Enagh Farrell's image Enagh Farrell's image Enagh Farrell's image

From Tuesday 19th February to Sunday 2nd March 2008

Enagh graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2003. She has shown in the Project, The Fringe Festival, Eigse and The Ballymun Hotel Project.

Inspiration and impressions are drawn from various sources in Enagh Farrell’s paintings. Her continuous obsession with the physicality of layers of paint, plaster and paper peeling down old, crumbling walls. The sense of transient beauty encapsulated in this modest process. The question of how a thought would look if we could see it projected onto a surface, would it grow like Lichen, become layered, or morph into its own entity?

The work is both organic and fragile much like daily thoughts flickering and meandering through ones mind. This body of work seeks to explore the technique of oil paintings. Each painting is layered with translucent colours giving each painting a sense of depth.

Opening Reception: Thursday 21st March 7-9pm