An Exhibition of Aerial Photography by Feargus Cooney

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From Tuesday 18th July to Sunday 30th July 2006

Signal Arts is pleased to present mew work by photographer Feargus Cooney.

This collection of images is intended to give the viewer a perspective on the Wicklow Mountains that they would rarely have the opportunity to see. The nature and land-forms are kept as the central subjects in all the photographs. This results in a largely brown colouring to much of the work due to the fact that virtually all areas of green in the mountains have been cultivated. Feargus wants the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the brown, peaty, high altitude land that's about as close as you can get to true wilderness in Leinster.

He has also concentrated on lakes, rivers, and mountain tops, and hopes to bring a view of this wonderful, rich landscape upon which he has marveled for many years. His primary aim is to give people a different view of a landscape they may know very well.

Feargus describes himself as a 'travel/adventure photographer and filmmaker'. His passion lies in the exploration of different parts of the world, the places, the people. To date he has traveled to all the continents except Antartica, having a particular focus on Africa and Australia.

Opening Reception: Thursday 20th July 7-9pm