An Exhibition of Photography by Feargus Cooney

Tuesday 9th November to Saturday 20th November 2004

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present an exhibition of photography by Feargus Cooney, from Tuesday 9th November to Saturday 20th November 2004.

The exhibition is based on a collection of photographs from various journeys through Africa, South America and Australia.

Feargus says 'What I am trying to convey through these photographs is the sense of space and quietness of these places. The atmosphere of openness in the desert is one I want to show through my images. Photography is a strange medium. People can see a place but they can't hear any sound or see any movement. There is nothing parallel to it in real everyday life but with the desert, not much is moving and there isn't much to hear, so we can get closer to it through than most situations.'

Having recently acquired an honours degree in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales in Newport, U.K. with images of his work published in various newspapers and magazines.

To date, Feargus has travelled to all continents except Antarctica (though plans are in the pipeline to rectify that!) The photography in this stunning exhibition, numbers: 1-19, are all priced at €160

Opening Reception: Thursday 11th November 7-9pm