'The Nature of Memory'

An Exhibition of Mixed Media by Fiona Fullam

From Tuesday 26th April to Saturday 7th May 2005

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present an exhibition of work encompassing print, ceramic and some mixed media by Dublin based artist, Fiona Fullam.

Fiona's primary interest has always been about 'safe spaces, places where you can be contained and safe and therefore also places where you can be contained/trapped and vulnerable.' Skins, eggs, pouches and body casts were the focus of her work until recently. 'One place where we assume we are safe, certain and private is in our heads, our memories' and this is the area Fiona is exploring at present. Memory and the nature of memory retrieval is not the reliable space we wish for.

There are two main areas of interest. The first is how individuals remember a single event in an infinite variety of ways – it is likely that no two versions will be identical. The second is how an individual remembers an event: he can remember from different perspectives, as if he were more than one person, i.e. as a third party or as a protagonist. These perspectives affect hugely how the memory is recalled, in terms of detail, accuracy and so on, but can also affect the individual in question. For example, changing the perspective could be used as a defence mechanism. At what point does this alienation indicate that the memory is no longer one's own, but has been coloured by others' versions of it.

Memory often works in a fragmented way, melding two events, leaving out or distorting facts, which are only recalled later, if at all. Memory is neither logical nor chronological and yet, we rely absolutely on it as an accurate record of ourselves. Memory is a space within which we expect to be safe, but which is as vulnerable as skin.

Opening Reception: Thursday 28th April 7-9pm