A Mixed-Media Exhibition by Fiona Lynch

From Tuesday 20th July to Saturday 31st July 2004

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by Fiona Lynch.

Fiona says 'My current subject is seaweed which I find on the beach at low tide that can be seen growing in rock pools. I paint seaweed because it is ordinary and common, yet rarely seen in its true beauty. Washed up on the beach it tends to shrivel quickly into a brown mess. In the water it is fluid and elegant and multi-coloured, and this is how I try to capture it'.

Using acrylic paint, watercolour and pencil. Some of the images are set against gold leaf, Fiona says, 'I am inspired by Japanese art that uses gold leaf in natural setting to enhance and bring an, otherworldly quality'.

Fiona Lynch has previously shown in the Bridge Gallery, Dublin, the Waterfront Gallery, Wexford, the Old Mill Gallery, Kildare, as well as working on private commissions.

Opening Reception: Thursday 22nd July 7-9pm