'Fractured Connections'

Exhibition of works by Anne Curran.
fractured image fracturedimage fractured image

Monday 26th September – Sunday 9th October 2016

Anne Curran is a visual artist living and working in Co Wicklow. Anne has studied in NCAD and has completed courses in many practices most recently in Sculpture and Encaustic painting. Travelling each day from a busy urban town to her studio set in an idyllic old farm in Delgany Anne had started to feel a sense of disconnection and disengagement. These notions gave birth to her first solo show at Signal Arts Centre “Fractured Connections”

Central to Anne’s work is the influence of maps and lived in spaces. There is a play between the geography of space against the age of distraction. This era of disconnection has never been so intense and so persistent as humanity is glued to data devices. We are more and more connected to a stream of information and yet increasingly we are becoming more fractured, fragile and isolated.

Anne’s artwork for her show is incorporating a contemporary slant to an ancient technique “Encaustic”. This consists of melted beeswax combined with pigment kept molten on a heated palette. Anne uses this on delicate Asian papers and also on boards. Using delicate lines and punctured marks has enabled Anne to represent both the disconnection and fragility.

Anne is saying; “I am using my notions of connection in works of natural beauty using encaustic on paper against the concept of fracture in sculptural works which are punctured and marked. This exhibition is reflecting my reaction to what is going on all around us every day noticed and unnoticed. There is a constant pull and push of distraction on our attention. My works are about the erosion of us in a space of such beauty."

Our Fractured Connections.”

View more about Anne on her website www.www.annecurran.ie

Opening Reception: Friday 30th September 7 - 9 pm