'GAIA Mother of Life'

An Exhibition by Frankie Gallagher and Cabrini Lynch
Cabrini Lynch's image Cabrini Lynch's image Frankie Gallagher's image

From Tuesday 5th December to Sunday 17th December 2006

Signal Arts Centre presents GAIA, a joint exhibition featuring new work by the artists Frankie Gallagher and Cabrini Lynch. Together their work embraces nature in its different aspects hence the title which can also be interpreted as 'Earth Mother'.

Frankie has been painting for the past 25 years. Her particular passion lies in nature and this new body of work explores plants in an aquatic environment and their seasonal variations. Her work focuses mainly on water lilies and the effect of light variations during the day on these aquatic plants. Her observations and studies of these delicate plants was facilitated by the wide variety housed by the Botanical Gardens at Glasnevin in North Dublin where she found a source of great inspiration for this exhibition.

Previous exhibitions include Panoptic Exhibiton in Bray, May 2000 and Shanti 1 and 11 for A3 woman Exhibition in Dalkey Heritage Centre, 2001 and 2002.

Cabrini has been exhibiting her work widely since 1992. She has exhibited previously in the Signal Arts Centre in 2003 and in the same year showed her work at the RHA Annual Exhibition. 2004 saw her at the Royal Ulster Academy of Art and in 2006 she exhibited at Dungarvan Arts Centre.

The sea has always captivated Cabrini. It is 'at times threatening, other times a source of comfort and contemplation'.

Her work evolved from this fascination and interest in the energy and force of the wide open seascape, the ebb and flow, the patterns, textures and wrack left on the shore by outgoing tides. She enjoys the challenge in trying to capture the seas rhythmic movement, the play of light on the water and the great stretches of undulating sand marked by the sea and wind. Cabrini's work is an exploration and search for an image that resonates and reflects her aesthetic sensibilities. It is a very personal and subjective response to the sea and its shore.

Signal Arts Centre would like to welcome Journalist and Writer, Jim Cusack who kindly accepted Frankie and Cabrini's request to open their exhibition.

Opening Reception: Friday 8th December 7-9pm