'Maritime Mementoes'

An Exhibition of Maritime Themed Digital Paintings by Gina McKenna-Burns

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From Tuesday 17th February to Saturday 28th February 2004

Friday the 20th February 2004 marks the official opening of an exciting new exhibition of maritime themed digital paintings by Greystones artist, Gina McKenna-Burns.

A graduate of the Crawford School of Art, Cork, she has participated in many shows both at home and abroad including the R.H.A. Annual Exhibition three years in succession. This show is her third solo venture and marks her first major exhibition since returning to Ireland from the U.K.

This artist has worked with many methods and materials and has been extremely successful in her depiction of buildings, old and new. However she now feels that she has found a medium that maximises her expression of the ocean, something that has held a fascination for her throughout her career. she has no hesitation in saying that, after many years of developing within a world of art in its various forms, McKenna-Burns has finally 'come home' through her work with Digital Art and her great respect for the sea and all things associated with it.

She says: 'I have always been fascinated by the sea and its magnetic power over us mere mortals. I never fail to feel completely re-energised after spending some time by its shore. Whatever the weather, the marine environment maintains its fascinating lure. I strive to bring my inner visions to life so that what stirs me may perhaps touch others too.'

The Exhibition, 'Maritime Mementoes' is a must-see for all seafaring enthusiasts and runs from Tuesday 17th until Saturday 28th February at the Signal Arts Centre, Bray.

Opening Reception: Friday 20th February 7-9pm