An Exhibition of New Paintings by Harry Vince Coulter

From Tuesday 15th May to Saturday 26th May 2001

Harry Vince Coulter's paintings of Wicklow and Wexford undoubtedly make recognizable reference to the east of the country, but they are by no means straight reproductions of particular places. Coulter comments 'They are not naturalist paintings, although for me the distinction between realism and abstraction has lost its meaning'. Some of these paintings begin from an aerial perspective, others extend from multiple horizons; colours are relatively natural but worked and heightened in the studio; all Coulter's work is painterly, and all these paintings are about experiencing place. Aidan Dunne describes his work as 'wedges of colour cut in from the sides at angles that knock you off balance. Even when you can more or less get your bearings and pin down water, headland and sky, for example, it's at least as much a question of feeling as of visual resemblence'.

Harry was born in London and studied in both Chelsea and Hornsey Schools of Art in the 60's and 70's. He has exhibited extensively, most recently at The Space in London, The Sligo Art Gallery and The Wexford Arts Centre.

Opening Reception: Thursday 17th May 7-9pm