'Collared Love'

An Exhibition by Ilona Madden

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From Tuesday 20th June to Sunday 2nd July 2006

'Collared Love' is IIona Madden's first solo show in Signal Arts Centre in Bray. It opens on 20th June and runs until 2nd July 2006.

The official opening is on Thursday 22nd June, from 7-9pm and will be launched by artist Cora Cummins.

Having graduated with a BA in Fine Art in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design last year, IIona has since been continuously working from her studio in her house in Bray. Originally from Germany, she has been living in Bray now for the past 10 years.

IIona started using her dogs as models for drawings about a year and a half ago, when she realised they were ideal models. Since then she has been experimenting not just with hundreds of different drawings, but also some painting, video and photographs.

IIona describes as very experimental and spontaneous. She is happy to leave the obvious traces of the creative working and thinking process visible to the viewer.

These charcoal, pencil and ink drawings, the mixed media collages, photographs, oil paintings and the videos display the joyful, playful and close relationship that IIona experiences with her subject matter. They catch moments of her daily walks along the seafront in Bray, and thoughts and ideas of her every-day life with her dogs.

However, IIona also poses the question as to whether she could have produced the same body of work had she not felt as passionate about her subject matter and whether it is possible to look at the work independently from the actual image of 'a dog'.

Therefore, 'Collared Love' not only captures the dogs themselves and IIona's relationship with them, but it is about the creative process in general. It offers much to enjoy whether you are a dog lover or not.

Opening Reception: Thursday 22nd June 7-9pm