'Healing the Inner Child'

An Exhibition by Kary Mullally

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From Tuesday 11th November to Sunday 23rd November 2008

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present a collection of paintings by Kary Mullally.  Kary is a Dublin based painter, born in Dublin in 1976.  She studied at the National College of Art and Design from 1994 to 1996 and again from 1998 to 2002 where she qualified with an Honours BA Degree in Art and Design Education, Fine Art Painting was her Major Study.

Kary has been painting since she was a child. She is a very spiritual painter, connected to the natural environment and the beauty and calming effects it creates.  She has had many successful solo and group exhibitions.  Her previous show at Signal Arts Centre was a huge success.  

The theme for this exhibition is based on the belief that we are all like a child at times in our lives when we go through difficult and challenging moments in our lives, whether it's grief, loss, pain, heartache, longing or searching for a sense of belonging.  Each one of us is a child underneath it all and in order to heal or evolve one needs to look through the eyes of a child at the world in a simpler way.  The beauty of the ever changing landscape and the seasons it brings and leaves behind is similar to our own lives.  She says, 'We need to embrace the beauty of change, nothing ever stays the same'.  Surrounding oneself in the natural environment in times of difficulty helps the inner child in all of us to slow down and be like a child again. Whether it's listening to the birds sing, watching the tide come in, climbing a mountain, sitting by a pond or simply walking barefoot on the grass, the simplicity and the innocence and purity of it all.  This is where we all can heal and find our calm space to evolve and develop a sense of belonging with this ever changing world.

The Exhibition will be opened by Ryan Tubridy (RTE)

Opening Reception: Tuesday 11th November 7-9pm