'Stillness and Movement in the Field of Endless Possibilities'

An Exhibition of Drawings by Linde Fidorra
Linde Fidorra's image Linde Fidorra's image Linde Fidorra's image

From Tuesday 13th October to Sunday 25th October 2009

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by staff artist Linde Fidorra. This series of drawings is inspired by the idea of space - the space inside the atoms of our bodies and the space between the stars – as an underlying grid that powers physical reality. Modern physics, as well as eastern spiritual traditions, look at space as the energy field from which all forms arise.

Linde uses linear patterns like diagrams to visualise and contemplate these underlying energy patterns. Aliveness is explored as a dance of stillness and movement that extends beyond form and beyond death.

A series of self portraits, built from words, points to the role of beliefs and concepts in our sense of who we are, as our form changes over the years.

Linde's drawing practice plays with abstraction and representation. It has its source in ideas and meditative reflection as well as in visual perception, combining fragments of observation with elements of imagination.

Opening Reception: Thursday 15th October 7-9pm