An Exhibition by Louise Manifold

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From Tuesday 22nd July to Sunday 3rd August 2008

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present a new exhibition by Louise Manifold.  Bullswool: It is a slang terminology that that refers to stolen clothes.  It is also a reference to exaggerated or unreliable talk: Exclamations of disbelief, disgust, scorn.

The artist related the term Bullswool as a metaphor to reference material that she collected concerning the age-old phenomena of human shape shifting and transformation. Almost every culture in the world has some type of transformation myth, with almost every commonly found animal.  Using video, cut-outs, drawing and sculpture simultaneously, the artist weaves upon these cultural mythologies, within the comparison of factual accounts of patients psychosis-like experiences of shapeshifting.  The information used as the basis of invention of new fictions that, like a fable is, shifts human perception of what is both fictional and real.

Louise's practice investigates human relationships with the non-rational, the unknown and the ethereal.  It incorporates aspects of human existence such as thoughts, emotions, dreams, cultural mythologies and imagination.  This concern is continually referenced through the finding of ideas and stories on the borderland between reality and fantasy, focusing particularly on the blurring between serious or trivial, tragic or comic so to unravel factual histories both from a personal and collective perspective.  Her materials are an eclectic mix of vintage found objects, drawing, cut-outs, film and photographic installation.  She has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland and abroad, in United Kingdom, France, China, and Canada.  She has been the recipient of awards from the Arts Council of Ireland, Galway City Council, and the Galway Arts Centre.  In 2007 she co-curated the visual art exhibition Tulca: City of Strangers in Galway.  In that year she was also Galway City Councils artist in residence in the new city museum.  Louise currently lives in Galway city and is a guest member of Artspace studios.

Opening Reception: Friday 25th July 7-9pm