An Exhibition of Ceramics and Glass by Míde Quinlan-Reddin
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From Tuesday 7th May to Sunday 19th May

The Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present an exhibition by ceramic and glass artist Míde Quinlan-Reddin. Míde trained in Ireland, France and Scotland, attaining a BA in Ceramic Design from the Glasgow School of Art. Her work has been showcased in juried and non juried exhibitions in both Ireland and the UK. With her ceramics, Reddin presents sculptural and functional forms with strong marine influences - glazes and clays reminiscent of soft water which are juxtaposed with textural surfaces reminiscent of crustacean and organic forms.

The magical process of transforming soft pliable clay into durable ceramics has constantly fascinated Míde. The combination of ceramic techniques available continuously intrigues and stimulates her. She writes, “I will never tire of working with clay. The accidents and disasters - some pleasantly surprising – others not so, constantly present me with interesting challenges which in turn encourage me to explore and experiment with new methods and techniques.”

This solo exhibition is a collection of a lifetime of experience of working with clay and, more recently, glass fusing. “I am drawn to the translucency of the clay and glass and have attempted to marry the two together” says Reddin.

Opening Reception: Friday 10th May, 7-9pm