'Midnight Automatic'

A collection of Drawings by Marianne Shorten

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From Tuesday 17th January to Saturday 28th January 2006

Signal arts Centre are pleased to present an exhibition of drawings by artist Marianne Shorten.

Marianne enjoys the kind of direct expression one finds in outsider art and the drawings of children, and this is something she has tried to develop in her own work. Ordinarily, the drawings are unplanned, spontaneous, and so the outcome is unexpected. She initially uses pen and ink and begins the drawing of fine lines, which gradually develop into forms. The initial process is intuitive, and then the images are refined by building up some areas with colours and shade, and leaving others blank.

Marianne's themes and influences come from film, literature, children's book illustrations, comics, television, art history and everyday life. In the course of drawing, she has found that a kind of fragmented narrative is suggested. Often imagery is repeated. Characters are repeated in different situations. Characters from film and literature co-exist with characters and situations from dreams and real life. Fantasy and realty co-exist in a fluid dreamlike reality. Certain themes like good, evil, fear, dependency and coercion arise frequently.

Opening Reception: Friday 20th January 7-9pm