'Met With Elsewhere'

Exhibition by Kathryn Ryan, Jonathan Curran and Laura Butler
Laura Butler's image Kathryn Ryan's image Jonathan Curran's image

From Wednesday 31st August to Sunday 12th September 2010

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this group exhibition by artists Kathryn Ryan, Jonathan Curran and Laura Butler. They have worked together as artists since they met as students in IADT, Dun Laoghaire. Despite their very diverse practices, they share a common concern with a sense of time, place and an interest in what lies just below the surface, both literally and in terms of story.

Kathryn Ryan's work is an ongoing study of things ageing. Its inception began with a series entitled the Ingress series which focused on the artist's perception of old windows and doors and the fine line that separates the inside world from the outside. The current portfolio contemplates old and largely redundant farmhouses and outbuildings that reflect Irish rural life of long ago around Wicklow and its surrounding counties. The artist focuses on the ageing, deterioration and inevitable abandonment of these buildings – the absence of occupancy – for whatever reasons. She pays particular attention to details of the windows and doors – their entrances and exits.

Jonathan Curran is a 2D artist who works mainly in the area of print. His work is lyrical fun and playful, he uses everyday images or objects in his practice. For the past few years Jonathan has been creating a series of abstract rust prints. These are a type of mono print which use rust as a transferable pigment. This project started when the artist found one of his old plates from college which had been left outside. He became fascinated with the intentional and accidental process of the rusting. Already etched areas of the plate rusted faster than areas of the plate left clear. But in the end once the rusting process had begun it was like a force of nature it would rust without much interference from the artist.

Laura Butler's work uses as its starting point her abiding interest in how people negotiate a place for themselves in the world - in the home, in the family, and in their broader social environment - and in the traces they leave behind. Using resist techniques in her paintings, she impedes the precision of intentional gesture and encourages the incorporation of chance. The paintings in this exhibition blur the distinction between chance marks and intentional ones, and afford equal importance to both.

Opening Reception: Friday 3rd September 7-9pm